I’m going to discuss how to make passive income from Amazon. When I talk about passive income, I mean you can do a little bit of work and make money off of that work for days months, years into the future. So you’re not just trading your hourly time for a certain amount of pay. You are making money based on what you accomplish and you can make money off something you did know years ago or months ago.



So the way you do this on Amazon specifically, I’ll show you six different ways to do it. But the first one I would recommend you look at is selling ebooks.

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Selling ebooks of course is one of the biggest ways that Amazon got started. It started out as an online bookstore website and then of course it expanded into one of the biggest retail giants ever. So if you want to publish an e-book you would go to KDP and once you get there obviously you need to sign up.

It’s free to sign up. You can publish both physical like paperback books for instance and ebooks for free. 70% of the royalties go to you and 30% goes to Amazon. Because it gives you so much traffic. It’s completely worth it you get to sell in major countries like the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, India, Italy, France, Spain, etc.

You have plenty of traffic they are known for their bookselling. Pretty much when people need books they go to Amazon. Just like they pretty much do for everything else now. And one thing I want to say is, you might want to stick with nonfiction books because pretty much no matter what method you use. If you want to make passive income for books nonfiction is probably the way to go.


Another way that you can make passive income is by creating an affiliate site. If you want to create an affiliate site, you need to have a certain theme. So as far as, where you would sign up for the Amazon affiliate program? You would go to Amazon Associates which is an affiliate – program.

You can join for free and earn up to 10% commissions when you help to sell any products on Amazon and with pretty much-unlimited products on Amazon. You can make a site for Electrike, you can make a site for fashion, you can make a site for gadgets.

There were survival stuff or just about anything you can think of and make Commission. They have all kinds of just really weird stuff that you would never think of like gift ideas and you know for instance you can get an inflatable tent and it might be on


Another thing you can do is, create a review or unboxing video channel. You can use affiliate links for this for instance and use it with something like YouTube. You obviously go to youtube, if you have a Gmail account, already which is free then you would click the upload button in the top right corner, takes you to the uploading page.

Then you can upload videos directly, by just dragging and dropping it. When you’re uploading videos you can do a review of the product or you can do an unboxing, where you’re taking it out of the box after Amazon shipped it to you. You can show them what does there’s a lot of YouTubers that make a living doing this.


You can make passive income from Amazon apps. Specifically, I’m going to talk about Amazon underground. Because this is something a lot of people don’t know about. It’s kind of different but it might make it a little easier for you if you’re trying to create an app. Because you don’t have to embed ads in your app. You don’t have to have up sales like in-app purchases. You don’t have to make the app purchasable. In other words, it’s free and those are actually requirements.

So you can’t have ads, you can’t have in-app purchases, and it has to be free! Instead of trying to be a marketer and do all this business stuff with your ads or with your apps by selling on Google Play or on the Apple App Store. You can sell it on Amazon underground. Where people can use the app for free and what you do is, you get paid so much for every five dollars for every five minutes people spend on the app.


Another way to make passive income from Amazon is, you can take your ebooks or just start out this way. But you can sell physical books and have them kind of created on-demand using a site that Amazon bot. Which is called create space or you can sell like physical movies, physical music albums, and stuff like that. Instead of people instead of you having to go to manufacturers and have these big orders placed and then have them all sent to your garage and sell them out of your garage and ship them, and pack them.

They take care of all that stuff for you, for a commission. Of course using create space so, for instance, if you wanted to do this with your book. If I went back to the KDP you can see a link down there. I’ll Circle it for you. you can see a link down there called to create space.

You would just click on that and then it takes you to that page to create space. Where you can create the physical version of the book which is like a paperback or hardback version. And sell that so you can make passive income off of the real physical thing instead of just a digital download.



This is last but not least. You can make money off of CPM ads. You can create a website you can create a blog which it’s all the same thing pretty much. But you create content that’s popular that gets a lot of traffic and then people see these ads. When they click on these ads, you get paid a certain amount of money.

Because advertisers pay a lot of money for these ads and so Google and Amazon they have these ad programs, where they split the ad revenue with you. Because you got the traffic but Amazon created the ad system. You usually split it like 50/50 or something like that.

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