How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

In this post, I will explain in detail how you can earn money online, thanks to Pinterest. Currently, it is a powerful tool I am going to explain why. You can not miss this opportunity. So today we are going to discuss How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links. I think you will make-instance money with this method.

How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

And it is much better if we can do this from home. If you are wondering if having a blog can give you money, the answer is: Yes, you can earn a lot of money.

Some bloggers nowadays earn much more money than the top executives in transnational corporations, (ranges ranging from a few thousand to $ 100,000 a month! ) With the advantage that you can work at your convenience on your schedule and live travelling if you do. You want it.

How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Links

When I started this blog, I decided to help as many people as possible to become financially independent. The recommendation was for those who do not have a blog, but the algorithms tend to change from time to time, and Pinterest is no exception.

That said, we must adapt to the changes that arise in the different channels that we use to make money.

I particularly love Pinterest and have been using it for several years to find ideas for everything I like: sewing, organizing children’s parties, decorating business ideas. You can find everything you can think of on Pinterest!

Before my baby was born, I spent several hours a day on Pinterest looking for ideas and creating boards (who would say that, today it would turn out to be a fundamental part of my online venture). That is why I insist that you start taking advantage of it!

What is Pinterest? And How Does It Work?

Pinterest is an environment where we can search many topics basically to find ideas, after searching, the results will show you a series of images (pins) that usually include a link that will take you to the website where you will see the information you’re looking for more expanded.

This tool was created inspired by cork boards on which notes with thumbtacks are usually put. The user, when performing the search, finds the “pins” that show that content.

These pins have the particularity that they come with a «link» that will take you to the web page or blog. It is all those links that are shared infinitely on the network that can carry more or less traffic to your website.

When you sign up for Pinterest as a new user, you can choose between a personal and a business account. Here begins my recommendation to take advantage of Pinterest. First, you must create a blog, (I will teach you how not to worry) and second, create a business account or change your account to a business.

All the strategy behind a successful profile on Pinterest, I have left you in detail later, as I do for my sites so that you do not doubt how to do it yourself. I was hoping you could focus on earning some income so that I can invest in other things that allow you to keep making money.

How Can I Make Money on Pinterest?

How does Pinterest + Blog combination work to make you money? I explain to you. There are several ways to monetize a blog, but its profitability depends mostly on the number of visits it receives each month.

Pinterest is currently the best opportunity to increase traffic/visits to your blog, website or online store. If you have a blog, connecting it to Pinterest will help you improve your visits dramatically.

Pinterest has helped me achieve more than 120 thousand visits/month in some of my projects in less than six months. This is free of charge.

All that traffic for free, without paying to advertise! That represents more than three times the traffic that Instagram, Facebook and YouTube can report to you together.

Once you have created your business account and blog and start building your pins, you will be able to put into practice the different ways of monetization, affiliate marketing, sale of physical products or info products, advertising, etc.

Furthermore, Pinterest is a great platform to find potential clients/leads. Most of the people who browse your feed intend to buy. They come looking for ideas, and 80% end up purchasing Pinterest.

What Do I Need To Be a Blogger?

You don’t need to have previous experience in a particular career or subject. Still, of course, I advise you to prepare a little on the subject, so that you understand it better, the most important thing is that you choose a topic that you are passionate about enough to keep researching and creating content about it.

The next thing will be to create your blog and connect your Pinterest account, to start driving traffic. Imagine being able to earn a few thousand dollars a month with a website and that you can make not one, but several websites. Do you see the potential of this business?

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How To Create Ideal Pins on Pinterest?

We will start from the fact that you do not already have a Pinterest account and that we have already created your blog. Very well, we are going step by step.

1. Create a Pinterest Account

I recommend that you create a business, do not worry; it is free. This because this type of account allows you to access statistics of the movements of our users that you could not manage with a personal account, in addition to allowing you access to the Rich Pins (more complete pins) that users of personal accounts do not have.

Choose the theme or niche that you have already decided for your blog and start creating at least ten boards, with the topics that you like the most and save in them the pins that you consider to be part of that theme.

These boards should include the keywords that best fit your niche, to help Pinterest position your website or blog.

2. Connect Your Account To Your Website

This is called claiming my website; you find it in the Settings area of ​​your business account. Once you’ve connected your site to Pinterest, you can start creating your pins. This step has given you more authority for Pinterest.

3. Optimize Your Profile

To improve the visibility of your Pinterest account, you must also have optimized your company profile.

This refers to also placing in this section. The keywords that you considered at the beginning for the creation of your blog place them both in your name (if you have enough space) and in your description and boards.

4.- Create Your Pins

Now comes a fun part; I love creating pins! For that, I use Canva a free and very easy to use tool that will give you professional results even without knowing about design.

With Canva, you must create those pins with which you will promote your publications. Try to create original and eye-catching pins.

But a warning that I give you, do not focus only on your pins, you also have to share and save pins from other users.

5. Optimize Your Pins

What do I mean by this? Well, very simple. For your pins to give you the results you expect, you must correctly do them, that is, they must be complete pins.

The pins have a title, a description, a hashtag, and all those areas must be filled appropriately! Attention with the following:

  • The title: it should be striking and preferably with the keywords.
  • In the description: describe your product or service very well, there is space, use it! Please also include keywords here.
  • The images: that they are of quality, the suitable size to Pinterest. (1000 × 1500 px)
  • Hashtags: they are excellent to be located by those keywords.
  • Link: On Pinterest, the pins without Links are not well seen. It doesn’t make sense. If you made a mistake and posted a hollow pin, correct it.

Still, Have Doubts?

Well, to help you, I have created a detailed Pinterest Guide based on my own experience as I managed to get more than 100 thousand visits a month, in less than six months thanks to Pinterest. Step by step, how to make pins that can go viral and get you more than 100,000 visits a month quickly. (Will be available soon)

Keep The Record

Pinterest prefers accounts that are active daily. So try to keep pinning yourself to improve your account exposure. However, I understand that many times we do not have enough time to do it. Well, there is a way to program all your pins automatically.

This tool is called Tailwind, and I can tell you that it is a great help. It allows you to program all the pins you want in much less time. That way, you forget to pin daily, and you will still receive clicks on your nails. Cool isn’t it

From experience, I can tell you that your visits can go down if you stop actively pinning, so stay constant, manually or through Tailwind.

But, I have also verified that if your pins are good enough they will stay “hot” on the platform for much longer, taking you constant visits, which is what all bloggers want.

How Do I Make a Viral Pin?

On Pinterest, it is also possible to make viral pins. How is it achieved? It depends on your content and how attractive it is to your audience, who will be in charge of sharing and repining it until it makes millions of views. If you want to learn how to do all this, I have also included it in the Pinterest Guide.

What If I Have My Product?

If you are like me, who likes sewing or crafts, and you would like to sell your products, you can also use Pinterest to bring traffic to your online store.

They are making it clear that not all visits will turn into a sale. But the more holidays you can bring to your site, the higher the probability that one will take place.


Pinterest continues to grow silently. While others waste time growing their businesses with Instagram or Facebook. You have the secret. Give it a try, and you’ll be amazed to see results in a few months where others took years.

People who are not familiar with making money online will tell you that it is not possible. You keep the focus, don’t let them distract you. Demotivation can play a trick on us.

In conclusion, if possible, make a lot of money with Pinterest and a blog. I only advise that even if someone tells you that it is not possible, you should try it. Check it out for yourself.

If you want the Pinterest Guide, you can subscribe to receive the notification when I have published it. I take you by the hand to sweep Pinterest and start your own online business.

I would love to help you. Thank you very much for reading me! See you in the next post!

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