Have you ever started to analyze those people with hobbies that give money? Yes, I mean to dye fabrics by hand, knit blankets, write texts, etc. How come they ended up in something like that? I will show you today how 9 hobbies that can make money.


I remember, in college, I met a girl who used to make scarves and bags. His main intention was to give them away to friends and family, but he also sold a few others.

He didn’t give the impression that he was doing it for the money; she just loved doing it. Currently, she makes very good money from her full-time job selling her creations on Etsy.

Large numbers of people are looking for creative ways to earn money and are focusing their skills as a means of paying off debts, increasing their emergency funds, saving for travel, or investing in the future.

Not all hobbies become profitable, but many do. Here is a list of 15 money-making skills and hobbies to help you turn your passions into cash.

If you are good at writing, editing, teaching, pets, just about anything, then you have money-making skills. Make it profitable!

Chances are you can communicate, create, lead, design, organize, build, or some other talent. Exercising one or more of them can bring you financial benefits every month.


These are more popular activities because they give you more independence than your 8-4s and many other part-time or parallel jobs you could do to earn extra money a month.

1. Get paid for your opinions

It turns out that if you like to give your opinion on things (without judging it, of course), there is a way to get paid for it. Surveys have been very popular in recent years, as companies are always looking for a deeper insight into consumer trends.

If you have free time between jobs, or if you have a few minutes at night while watching TV, taking paid surveys safely can be a good way to earn some extra money with minimal effort.

2. Web Development

In this way, I started to dabble in making money online. You don’t have to be incredibly skilled to start. You can take a basic $ 15 web development course online. Then start doing simple jobs for clients on freelance sites.

With each contract, you will learn something new. Whether it’s just a hobby for you or you have a knack for web development, you can earn an income by creating and improving others’ websites. The amazing thing is that the more expert you become, the higher the rates you can charge customers!

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the content of a website found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For those people with online businesses, figuring out how to optimize your website and content is important.

Many online business owners want to connect with more customers, trying to gain exposure online, but almost always the wrong way. That’s where you come in.

SEO is a valuable tool for online companies, which are willing to pay good money for your experience. Taking the time to understand what SEO is and following the latest algorithm, changes are the key to making money from this hobby.

One of the most valued SEO courses is Shoot your visits from Dean Romero. It helped me with many of my online projects and those of some clients.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most requested services today. Whether it’s a small business in town needing a new logo or an entrepreneur in a different country is trying to design a cover for your new blog post. People will pay for your creative design skills.

It is not easy to open up space in this job, and you will compete with thousands of others for this service. But if you are creative or if you have honed your graphic design skills, then you can have a competitive advantage.

Once you get the first customers, you’ll be in demand as you capitalize on a hobby that allows you to earn money online. You can start offering your services on sites like 99designs, Fiverr, or freelancer.es.

Earn $100 Per Day With Fiverr

5. Create Tutorials on YouTube

Anyone can create a video and upload it to YouTube for people from all over the world to see. But shooting videos is also a hobby that can earn you money when you do it correctly. The better the video content and quality, the more likely you are to get more views and money.

If you become a YouTuber, you can monetize your videos with ads, with affiliate programs or through your products and services, and even that of sponsors. You can check more details about how you earn money on YouTube.

6. Blog or Write

If you like to sit in front of your computer and share stories or research on topics that excite you, blogging can be the ideal pastime to generate extra income. As long as you enjoy writing great content about something you are passionate about and do the work of finding an audience, you can monetize a blog with ads, affiliate programs, or sponsorships.

Offering your products like courses or digital books and services like consulting or coaching can further increase your income. In case you do not want to create a blog, many other companies need written content for them.

Excellent writing and editing are skills that can make you money as a freelance writer. For more information, see the best ways on how to earn money writing articles.

7. Application Development

Programming software and developing applications are skills that move a lot of money. If you are resourceful and can sell a useful tool online or even create it for someone else, chances are you can make good money developing apps.

You may think that this is somewhat complicated, but at present, you don’t even need to know how to program for this purpose. Your passion for technology and problem-solving can lead you to a profitable business.

8. Take Photos

There is more than one way to turn your passion for photography into a profitable hobby. So it would help if you learned how to sell photos online,

In recent years, there has been a boom in written content. All of them seek to obtain the best content to upload and stay on the first page of Google. All of that content needs photos to go with it, and publishers increasingly turn to photo-selling sites. It is one of the fastest growing online niches.

Generally, you will earn between 20 and 60 cents for each image sold. Therefore, it is a very scalable business: the goal is to have hundreds of quality photos for sale, each of which generates a recurring stream of commissions. And because you can sell the same image over and over again, photography represents a great source of passive income.

9. Buy Online

While you technically don’t get any money to buy, it is possible to get a cashback with almost all online purchases using Ebates. You can buy in its more than 2,500 associated stores, of which the most popular are Amazon, eBay, Nike, Razer, AliExpress. Return rates vary from 1% to 40% pending on the product.

As a new Ebates user, you get a $ 10 cash bonus after your first order of $ 25. If you are going to make the purchase anyway, why not get a cash refund? Here’s a tutorial on what Ebates is and how it works.

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