Today I am going to share with you 9 companies for proofreading jobs. I hope you never hear about these websites that I am going to share with you. You can earn huge money if you take real action. You know, for proofreading, you no need extra skill.


If you have a good knowledge of English, then you can do this job easily. And the most important thing is you no need to go out to finding proofreading jobs. You can do it staying from home. We need a strong internet connection and a computer. That’s it!

So let’s start! Below I have listed those companies who are trusted and high paying also.



This is the first site I wanted to share with you. Flexjobs is a very trusted website that vets their jobs. So there you have a really good collection.

If you want to find out where you can find the proofreading jobs, you can go down to view job categories, which will take it to this page here and down on the left-hand side here there’s Editing and proofreading.

If you click on that, it’ll take you to this here page proofreading job’s remote, part-time, and freelance. That’s what they are all about.

So that’s relevant to now you know that the jobs on this page are quite relevant to now. But if you want some better results, what I found on the back on the home page even you can search for jobs.

Click in proofreader there or what type in proofreader there. I should say, and that will come up with job search results for proofreading, and now down the left-hand side, you can filter for proofreading. You can also filter for some other things.


The other website I want to show you is more of a specific freelancing website called upwork.com. I’ve used this website many times myself, and I find them of the people here quite good.

I’m sure you are amply amazing and suitable for this sort of website. So what you do is you click on this little thing and go down to jobs put in proofreading, and that’ll take you to this here. So 2332 jobs found that is just a whole stack of jobs you can.

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The third is writers access. This is the site that’s specifically for writers. So this is you know this is going to be, where people who need writers go so if you want to get involved on this website, then you scroll to the bottom.

We do have a look around first, obviously, how writers access works? So this is all very good information for people who come here to find freelancers like you.


The next site is scribbr. They are so presenting your path to academic success for people who need editors so. If you want to get involved with this website or check out what they’re all about scriber.com.

If you scroll to the bottom as the freelance side, then you hit their jobs page, that’ll take you over here where they’ve got nicer looks nice got a nice office there not that we here. Because we love work from home, just scroll past their job openings, because this is typically in an office.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr.com double is just in case you didn’t know. But I’m sure you did fiverr.com. If you punch into here proofreading, then that will take you across to here, and you can check out what some other people are doing.

These are all actual freelancers. You can see what they’re charging, what they look like what their bios, are like and set up a good quality by yourself.

Now if you want a bit more information on what a proofer, it does how much you can earn as a proofreader, and some tips for how to become a proofreader.


I want to show you is Scribendi. This is another writing specific Pro website for Editing and proofreading. If you want to get involved with sites that are more specialized in Editing and proofreading, then you scroll to the bottom of this one and open positions in jobs down.

If you click on that, it’s going to show you during the world’s fastest-growing community of professional editors. Scroll down, and there should be freelance positions. If you click on that, it’ll take you straight down to the bottom where they’ve got freelance positions.


So peopleperhour is another freelance website, the way you can find jobs. You click to search for projects.

It’ll come up. I’ve taken the liberty of entering proofreading in search, and 27 jobs came up. I quite like PeoplePerHour. I think this is a UK-based website.


Answers.com is the second-last website that I want to tell you. I use freelancer quite a bit for my own needs. What you do is, you hit browse jobs up there that’ll take you over again.

I’ve taken the liberty of putting in proofreading online jobs. You can again filter by a couple of things down the left-hand side and check out what they’ve got the newest 1st lowest budget highest budget.

All that sort of stuff, so editors writer and proofreader academic proofread a grammar check proofreading articles.


If you’re bilingual or multilingual proofreading for Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria. So that’s the beautiful thing about these freelancing websites. They’re very global and have very global opportunities.


The last one is TASKENATOR. There I’ve never even been to Mars. This website is another freelancing website. If you want to find a task, go from finding a task, and browse tasks.

That will take you over to this task. I put this website in proofreading in the search bar and hit update search. You don’t hit little magnifying glass.

You hit update search. And it didn’t have much. It needed someone who can be proofread proofreading and editing a certain website.

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