Hey guys, currently I own an online business. Choosing an online business over a brick and mortar business today is a great thing to do because there are many growth opportunities in this area, with everything becoming more and more online and digitalize. Today I am going to discuss 8 most profitable business ideas for women.


It’s also great because it gives you certain freedoms that a brick and mortar business will not. For example, I have geographical freedom, meaning; I can be anywhere I want to be in the world; can work at any time. I want it because I don’t need to be meeting with people physically to run my business necessarily.

It’s also much easier to scale because there are no fixed costs associated with the business, which means that you can grow faster and faster from the comfort of your own home. If you read this article, you’re probably very interested in hearing about some ideas that you could use yourself to run your own online business.

Everyone is different, so today I will share a list of business ideas, that vary depending on several factors. And one of these business ideas could be well-suited for you, depending on your current skills and situation.

Make sure you read until the end of the article because I will give you my ultimate online business recommendation. I have written down all of the business ideas with the time that they’re going to come upon this article.

But if you are more interested in some business models, and you want to skip some of the ones I’ve listed, because they don’t fit your skills or they’re out of your reach. 



The first business idea is Kindle publishing. This one is a great idea for those of you who don’t have any savings. But who wants to create an additional source of income on the side. Amazon has a market for Kindles for ebooks.

That is sold online that people can read on their Kindles. So here, the goal is to sell ebooks online through Amazon essentially. But don’t worry for those of you, who think I’m not a writer this could still be for you.

Because actually, most people who run Kindle publishing businesses don’t write the books themselves. They hire other people to write for them. The idea here is to find unsaturated markets where you can add added value with your new book idea. 


The next business idea, we’re going to look at day trading. There was a time when only people working for very big financial institutions, or brokerages, or trading houses could trade on the stock market.

But now, with the rise of the internet and online trading houses, basically anyone can trade on the stock market. So if you’re into numbers and data analysis, this could be for you.

The trading is the purchase and sale of a security within the same trading day. So if you’re purchasing on one day and selling it the next day, it is no longer considered day trading can be applied to many marketplaces.

But most people trade on Forex and stock markets in day trading. Short-term strategies are used to try and capitalize on the daily fluctuations based on scheduled announcements. 


The third business idea is to become an expert blogger. Many people pursue blogging as a hobby. When they write about things that they’re interested in, but actually, this is also a great way to make money online.

Earning money from your blog involves learning a lot about SEO, and by SEO, I mean search engine optimization, this essentially. It just means that you need to become good at being findable when people look for this type of information on Google.

If, for example, I have a blog about tennis, when people are looking up questions or information relating to tennis, I want them to find my blog. So this is search engine optimization you need to become extremely skilled at this if you want this to become a business. Because this is key to getting traffic, and with the traffic, you can begin to monetize your blog, you can add Adsense to your blog. 


There is a good way to generate income online to become a freelancer. You’re not necessarily an entrepreneur when you are a freelancer providing your skills and return for money.

However, I say that it can become a business because if you can build up a really good profile on one of the freelancing platforms, you’ll be getting many clients in. And at this point, what you can do is, you can hire other people actually to do these jobs at a lesser price.

Because at this point not only will you be getting lots of job offers but you’ll also be getting job offers at a higher price because of your experience. So you can hire high-quality people to do the work for you, and you make the difference, which is essentially your commission. 

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The idea of creating niche sites is to create websites around niches that you think could be a profitable online business. For example, there can be a niche, where lots of people are looking for this.

But there isn’t that much information or that many websites that are coming up. When people are looking for this so you can create a website for this niche, and then make money from affiliate marketing by selling other people’s products relating to the niche. 


If you want to create a real business, you’re going to have to invest, and you’re going to have to invest your time. The idea here is to buy a domain name at its registration price and then resell it at a profit.

What people do is, look for domain names that they believe will become popular. For example, if they think that there’s going to be a new trend about a given topic, they will buy lots of domains on this topic.

And when it becomes very trendy, they will resell it for a profit and earn money on the difference. You can search on websites like after Nick com domain, Lord UK, or say no code UK or other auction websites to get a good idea of what’s popular in terms of the domain name.

And then, based on this, you can make some money you can also find some good names by looking at terminated lists.


Now we’re going to look at is dropshipping and print on demand. I put these together because they’re essentially the same business model. Although people often will differentiate the two.

And sell you a course either on one or the other drop shipping is. When someone has an online store, and they sell physical products, but they’re not holding or storing these physical stuff products in any warehouse.

What happens is that when a customer buys the goods, these people will then buy the goods themselves from a third party, then ship it to the customer. This is why this model blew up in recent years because you don’t have to buy the products in bulk, for selling these physical products online.

You buy them as customers are buying them from you. So it’s very helpful in terms of cash flow when usually physically selling physical goods.


The last business idea, we’re going to look at today is Amazon FBA. The business model consists of sending your physical goods to Amazon warehouses and listing your product on Amazon’s platform.

And then, when customers buy your goods, Amazon will send your product to the customers with excellent service because they are very good at logistics. I mean how many of you have blocked from Amazon this is a very interesting business model.

Because Amazon’s platform has an extensive amount of traffic, I mean almost everyone has an Amazon account nowadays, and it’s a great way to reach customers. They get excellent service because they receive it in three days.

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