If I show you some ways to make daily $100, so will you be happy? Yes, friend today, I am going to share a few websites with that you can make $50 very quickly. So today’s article is going to much exciting. I will show you 8 legit websites that will pay $50 per task.


Don’t stop reading until the end. I think if you are ready to start making money staying from home, then this article will show you the proper way of income. You can make money online do doing some simple and easy tasks. You can make money with your hobbies too.

For example, if you love to read a book, then you can make money by doing book reviews. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.


There are 8 legit websites you can use to make some extra money $50.00 or so per task. And the first type of website you can find is a book review site. As I mentioned ago about the book review, so let’s start with the book review website.


There are a couple of these that pay you pretty well for your book reviews. The highest paying one is onlinebookclub.org. You can go there and check out all sorts of book reviews. You will see there’s continuously new ones coming out all the time.

Then people will submit them to authors that wrote them, and then people can also find new books to buy on Amazon. So they have a page where you can apply to be a reviewer. And not only that, you will get a free book. Also you will paid $5 to $60 per review.

So obviously, if you can do a useful review, and then they will pay up to $60 or so. Plus, you get the free book, so that’s one great place to do this.


Another type of website that pays you for book reviews is Kirkus Reviews. You can go there and check out all sorts of books as well they cover a lot of different types. They have fiction, thriller and suspense nonfiction, biographies, history, romance, all kinds of things on there. You can apply out their careers page to become a freelance book reviewer. They will pay you for 350-word book reviews. After you assigned as a book reviewer.

So you don’t just do like a random book that you want to review. They assign you one, and then you can get paid around $50 per review. Kirkus Reviews and online book clubs are a couple of different places. You can go to for those things is if you’re more of a book lover.


Another type of website you can get paid around $50 per task that you complete is funds for writers so this is a place where you do guest blog posts so funds for writers they have tips and tools for serious writers to advance their careers. So anyone who wants to do guest writing can relate to a blog. Because it’s not necessarily a niche about saying parenting or health improve health and self-improvement whatever. It’s actually about writing in all four writers.

So they allow you to submit guest blog posts about 550 to 650 words long. And they’re looking for original posts that will pay you about $50 per post that you get published there. Then $15 for a reprint. So you can earn $50 an original review.

The website will allow you to start publishing new posts. So they do not want stories about how to write, how to develop plot things like that. They do want things that are ideas on breaking into a particular writing market pointers on winning writing contests and stuff like that. So make sure you review all these tips that they have and also read through some of their blog posts and stuff as well. You can see they do also pay you via PayPal, or they can also write a check. But PayPal is probably a little more convenient for everyone.


Called Riders Weekly is another website. And this is one where you can get paid $60 per post. So you can go to write for us there on the top right of their website scroll down a little bit. They’ll tell you a bit of what they publish. You can click on those links to get a good idea of what kind of format to do. And things like that again they pay about $60 per post that you get published.

They don’t want poetry, cartoons; joke book reviews Profiles of companies products or individuals things like that. So make sure that you read through these again, as usual, make sure that you know what the website tends to publish before pitching anything. So they do also pay you via PayPal.


Another thing you can do that will pay you $50 a pop is finding bugs for different websites apps and stuff like that. So test.IO is a website, you can go. You can get paid $50 for each one that you find. They’re continually looking for people to help improve things. You click on become a tester. There in the top right corner, that’s where you can sign up to do this type of work.

So part of it says $15 or so per bug that you do, but if you scroll down a little bit under the frequently asked questions, they say up to $50 for the most critical bugs. So you know, depending on the type of bug you find. You might get paid anywhere between $15 and $50 per bug. It’s another way you can make some extra money, and you can get paid via PayPal as well.


You can check out the respondent. You can go to the respondent.IO. These are market research studies that if you fit a particular demographic or have a specific career or something, they will pay you up to $140 on average, around $440 per hour for completed projects. If you go to the respondent’s section at the top and then you can sign up, you’ll notice that researchers are looking for most business professionals of all sorts.

But if you are someone who knows a lot about being a software developer or you’re an enterprise software user, marketer, business owner, executive sales and support person, those types of things you can get paid around, $140 on average per hour or more up to $700 per hour. If you’re an executive, so how it works is. They verify your profile when you sign up. You get matched based on their algorithm.

With research studies that fit your profile and your background, you can participate in these, and then you get paid automatically via PayPal. Respondent only collects a 5% fulfillment fee on the incentive page. They’ll only take a 5% cut out of that, and then you get paid. You can also refer friends and colleagues as well.


If you’re a social person, you can also do rentafriend.com. Now, this may be a little bit different as far as the demand. But should go back to a little bit more of a healthy pace in the future, as the Covit-19 thing kind of wears off. But Renault’s friend comes away. You can just get paid to go to an event usually with somebody or to give somebody a tour around town. If someone’s wingman or to go to a wedding with somebody there’s you know endless things you can do.

Some people want to work out buddy that there’s a lot of things where some kind of event they might have a family event and don’t want to go alone or whatever there’s a lot of different ways you can go with this. And people earn up to $50 per hour doing this type of stuff. So as far as that goes, they also have some updates on what it’s like following the Covit-19 stuff. Make sure you read through those before you start accepting jobs.


Another website you can check out is for people who are just good at different things, different types of skills a handyman or handywoman around the house, or you know around the home area. Whatever it is doing, light fixtures maybe. You are someone who has some construction experience. Maybe you can help people move; maybe you can run errands for people handy calm covers a lot of different things that usually have to do with just getting a common type of chores and stuff done. So handy calm also gives you some estimates of what kind of things you can do.

You can make up to $22 an hour for jobs. There you are doing some sort of cleaning $45 per hour for jobs. Where you are some kind of handyman, you might fix something around the house or something $62 an hour for jobs. Where you are a lawn care Pro. If you have your lawn care equipment and stuff, and maybe you do your own already, you can make around sixty-two dollars an hour on average per job.

Many jobs might take multiple hours; you can get paid maybe a few hundred dollars just for doing a few jobs on handi com. It’s kind of like an uber or kind of like the door to ash or something like that where everything’s taken care of within an app. And you schedule people to come out that they’re like in your area. You have a flexible schedule, secure payments every everything’s pretty much taken care of through the Handy comm app.


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