There have many people who are searching for part-time job opportunities. If you are looking for working from home and make some part-time income, so these are just opportunities, that I suggest you guys.




The first opportunity that will be great for someone, who is looking to work part-time and make some full-time income.  Micro jobs allow you to know to perform different services and set your own rates. You can use your skills or whatever, to use something that you’re talented with. And you can provide your services and get paid for it. These sites will allow you to either accept a certain type of offer for your expertise. Or set your own rates and this allows a limited amount of income as well as a lot of flexibility and independence.

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With micro jobs, you can do various tasks. You can make up to $1,000 per task, based on your experience. The sites that you may want to look into for this type of opportunity is fiverr.com. I’ve mentioned them multiple times in so many different articles. Because there are people on Fiverr right now, who are making a full-time income. And I’ve been on there for a few years. They’re basically living off of Fiverr right now making good money. Definitely check out Fiverr, if you are someone who is interested in providing your own services based on whatever skills that you have.


If you’re someone who prefers to do customer service jobs, then you can do customer service working from home online, using
your computer. You can do it with a landline phone. If you have a landline phone, there are certain companies that require you to have landline phones and there are companies that only require you to have you know a USB headset. I talked about the different equipment that you will need to do work from home opportunities in especially with customer service jobs.

I suggested some equipment that you will need to have before you apply to these types of positions. You are ready to go? Okay, so you’re not running around trying to find these things you already have them. I’ll post the articles through that equipment but all the companies that tend to hire for customer service jobs, where you can work part-time and you can make up to $30 per hour doing these. With these companies we have: Alorica, Arise, LiveOps, etc.


If you’re not someone who’s interested in talking on the phone, then you can do chat support. Chat support agents assist customers that visit a various website. And you know you have a box that pops up, then they ask.
If you need assistance with anything on the website and those are chat agents. They are getting paid to do that. You can work as a chat support agent and support customers or visitors on websites via email or online chat.

The companies that tend to hire chat agents are Apple, sitestaff, livestaff, etc. Those are companies that really pay well and you can work part-time with them. There are other companies as well.


Another type of opportunity that you may want to consider is doing search evaluation jobs. Where you’re typing in different terms on search engines and evaluating what results come up. There are many companies that are hiring people for these types of jobs. Leapforce, Appen, Lionbridge, etc are the best high paying companies for search engine evaluation. I believe and those companies higher search engine evaluators and they will also train you to do this type of task. They will offer you $15 or more per hour for doing search engine evaluation jobs.


Data entry is for those who are interested in like doing data entry work. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the fact that there are not enough companies hiring data entry to work from home. And if they hire you to work from home, they paid very little. Sometimes I will recommend that you do more than one. I mean more than one company. If you’re not happy with how much they’re paying, you if you’re not happy with how much one company’s paying, and you might want to do data entry work. The companies that hire for data entry are Diondata, Capital typing, and quicktate.


You also can do online moderator jobs. Those jobs allow you to post on social media sites. Manage social media for various companies. Maximum companies use social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes forums and blogs for companies. You can be a social media moderator. And manage different social networks for different companies you’ll be posting for them.

Advertising on their social sites. Updating information on their social sites. There are some companies that hire for online social moderator jobs: liveworld, emoderation, modsquad, lithium.


If you’re someone who is really good at tutoring and teaching others. if you’re good at in English or math or science and those
types of topics, you can offer tutoring services with various companies working online. You can make up to $30 per hour. The companies are hiring online tutors are, tutor.com, tutorvista, rosetta stone, and a few others as well.


If you’re someone who’s really good at sales and you’re really good at selling items. Then you may want to consider companies that offer opportunities to sell things and pay commissions. Some companies will pay you hourly for your time as well as a commission for things that you sell. You earn a percentage off of your sales.
Companies that offer this type of job are,  A better call, nextrep, salesroad etc. They pay really well. Of course, you can make an unlimited amount of money depending on your sales skills and how good you are and how much commission percentage you
make from your sales.

Those are the 8 part-time jobs I listed for you. I hope you can make a huge income with those opportunities.

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