5 Work From Home Writing Jobs For Beginners

Hey guys, in this article, I’m going to show you 5 different websites that pay you at least $150 per article. And they pay you via PayPal. So if you’re someone who’s into coding, you can write for a website called real Python.com. So today I am going to reveal 5 “Work From Home Writing Jobs For Beginners.” You can earn up to $600 for writing a single article.

5 Work From Home Writing Jobs For Beginners

5 Work From Home Writing Jobs For Beginners

1. Python.com

This is a place where they do a lot of tutorials related to Python. Python is a coding language, and well you’ll notice that they have all sorts of stuff about that they do accept articles and other things. But you could write about web development or data science or productivity. 

But mostly it’s tutorials about Python. So what you can do is write a tutorial on Python, and you can get paid $300 to get this published on their website. Plus, it can build your authority as a writer. And maybe even wink back to your website or your social media channels.

If you don’t know anything about Python, then it will be tough to write tutorials on Python. I will suggest you find a tutorial and read them thoroughly. After that, you will understand what to write and how to write.

So if you go to realpython.com, and you go to the right for us page. You can write an article or tutorial get paid 300 dollars each that gets published. It needs to be at least 1500 words minimum to get approved on their website.

They will tell you all about what you’re expected to do again, mostly just tutorials about Python. How to do something specific, and you want to look at their other tutorials. To get an idea of what kind of stuff they typically will publish on there. 

So you will know the format and how to structure a post that’s likely to get published.

2. Greatescapepublishing.com

Greatescapepublishing.com is another platform where you can post your articles. Note that you can do is Greatescapepublishing.com. Great escape publishing is more for travelers.

So if you know a lot about traveling, how to make money while traveling through a blog or a YouTube channel, or an Instagram account or something, then those are the types of people.

They’re looking to have right for them. So Greatescapepublishing.com. is the website you can look through some of these different articles. And you can see there, what kind of posts they usually go for. But as far as the details, they’ll have that on the page.

When you go to “About us” up in the top right and go to writers’ guidelines, and then that’ll tell you the details of what it takes to get published on this website. They pay you $150 per article that you get published for them.

And usually, they expect 300 to 600 words long article. So read through the guidelines and make sure you contact them. And have an excellent article about pitching related to traveling or making money.

3. Clubhouse.io

While traveling, another thing you can do is go to clubhouse.io. This is one of the highest paying websites. I’ve ever seen as far as guest postpay, and they pay $600 per article that you get published on this site.

So you know a lot of times the highest I’ve seen is around $200 or $250. They pay up to $600 per article, depending on the article. But basically, Clubhouse is a project management platform for software developers. 

And they are looking for how-to articles tutorials. And also just regular articles and blog posts. So an article or blog post is $350 or so you can make $400 for an article. I think this is more of a how-to or tutorial type of article. And you also up to $600 per article for each how-to or tutorial. 

Before start writing articles, I will suggest you go to clubhouse.IO, and look at some of their blog posts to see what they typically will publish. You will get an idea exactly what kind of format they’re expecting.

You’ll find some pretty in-depth articles and tutorials on there usually. And if you can include some working code examples, it will be more valuable.

So you can go to https://clubhouse.io/clubhouse-write-earn-give-program. I know that’s hard to find this URL because it’s not a page I’ve seen a direct link to on their menu or anything. If you google that, you should be able to find it also get a connection.

If you look at the page again, you can see how-to tutorials are paying $400 with working code examples; it’ll be up to $600. And then a regular blog post or article is $350. A lot of these are usually pretty long posts. So you might want to write you know between one and two thousand words to get accepted.

So you can fill out their application form or click the apply button. And they will pay you via PayPal when your article publishes on their platform. This is a software development and engineering type of blog. So stuff related to that is what they’re looking for.

4. Medium.com

If you want to write about human potential and self-improvement and things like that, there’s a medium.com. Medium.com is a Kind of sub-blog where you can get paid up to $500 per article to get blog posts Contributed to at better humans.

So go to https://medium.com/better-humans, then go to write for us section. Now, of course, first look and see what they have available. Here they’ll usually tell you how long of a read these articles are a lot of times you can read these in around 20 minutes.

But they’re pretty lengthy articles. But make sure and look at the format and everything as usual, and when you go to the write for us page, you’ll notice that they have a few guidelines.

You should follow the guidelines. They expect an article to be at least twenty 750 words. And do not want listicles thought piece summaries or any of that kind of like this. They want evidence-based advice typically from your own experiences.

And things like that are related to self-improvement and human potential and things like that. So you can see a lot of this stuff there, and usually, they pay a flat fee of $500 via PayPal for these types of articles.

They’ll probably give you some examples. And they’ll have a little bit more on how to apply to walk through the page.

5. Scotch.io

Last but not least website is Scotch.io. So this is another place where you can write tutorials and get paid. This website is related to coding also. But it’s not just one language. They cover all sorts of things like Python, CSS, JavaScript, and a lot of them that you’ve probably heard if you’ve done any coding.

But they pay $150 per article for you to get these tutorials and blog posts published. Usually, it’s going to be all sorts of web development topics that you want to publish on. So if you’re going to read a random article or two to get an idea of what they look like, it will be suitable for writing an article.

So keep that in mind. Make sure you’re prepared to do that, and you should be fine. But the “write for us” page is at Scott.IO/write-for-us, and they are currently having this on hold.

Of course, this is probably because of the pandemic right now. But hopefully, in a month or two, they’ll start accepting these again. Hopefully, you know the economy will start getting back to you know somewhat normal within the next few months, and they’ll start receiving new submissions again.

But decay you know bookmark and check in the future one hundred fifty dollars per article related to all sorts of web development software-related tutorials and articles. So hopefully this was helpful.

Let me know what you thought in the comments.

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