How to get traffic? This is the largest question ask to me many times. If you are a new blogger, you have to face problems getting traffic in your blog. The most common problem is that they don’t get traffic on their blogs. So they stop blogging after trying someday. Not only a new blogger who is doing this blogging for a long time; sometimes, they also leave this career because of enough traffic. We all know that traffic is money in blogging life. So if they don’t get any traffic in their blog, they don’t get any income from it.

So they, unfortunately, stop this professional career. But a question arises in my mind that why they don’t get traffic? Actually, what is the main problem? After that, I meet some new bloggers who are trying to build up their career with blogging. They share their problem with me. The same problem, as I mentioned before, ” we don’t get enough traffic.”
I thought about their problem and get answers; they don’t follow the proper rules of blogging or SEO too. Today We will discuss how to get traffic to a new blog.
There are many ways to get traffic to a new blog. Social sharing is one of them. It is the most effective way to get traffic to a new blog. If you want to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, then it will take time. I think You need 5 to 6 months to get traffic from the search engine. If you use social media to get the traffic, you will get instant visitors as well some income too. 🙂 

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That means I am not telling you that you don’t expect traffic from the search engine. We just need a search engine visitor. But it will take time, so at this time, if we don’t get any visitor, it will be annoying to a new blogger. There are many Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.


We all know that Facebook is a prominent and well-known Social Media Site. I suggest you join your niche Facebook group and share your content. It will bring considerable visitors to your blog. Trust me; even I get a good number of visitors from only Facebook. So never neglect to bring Facebook traffic to your new blog.


Create your twitter page and follow the top bloggers in your niche. And then follow their followers too. It is a simple type of marketing, but its also too useful. It will increase your twitter followers, and once you gather enough followers, start tweeting on your page. I can guarantee that you will get a good number of visitors from this.


Blog commenting is another way to get traffic. It will give you targeted traffic to your blog. Search your niche blog and start commenting. I find a better way to get a blog list. In my next article, I will show you how you will get a related blog list from Pinterest. Technorati is also an excellent source to find related blogs. Keep in mind that never do spam when doing comment to any blog because if you do spam, then your comment will not be approved. I know every blogger wants traffic every day, so I suggest doing blog commenting.


A 2 minutes video has the same value of 1000 text. To create a 2 or 3 minutes video and start marketing in the video-sharing site. Many sites allow you to do marketing your video free. YouTube and Metacafe are better. I use both of them.
The most valuable thing is Content: Do focus on your content. If your content is not well and not informative to the user, then no one will again come to your blog to see what you are writing. So write your post more and more effective and informative. If users don’t get any interest in your writing, they never come again to see your site. Try to write your article between 1000 words to 1200 words that you can express all your information that you want to say to your subscriber—no need to post articles daily. Never focus on quantity, need quality writings.


SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is the life of a blog. I hear that maximum people say forget SEO only write quality content. That is rubbish. Without Search engine optimization, your blog is useless. So I think to forget SEO is the dumbest suggestion. For every blog need organic visitor and for this SEO is a must. Another day we will discuss effective SEO. Today we will not focus on how to do effective SEO. Many things need to clear to make SEO more effective.
No more today. Soon we will meet then discuss a more effective way to get traffic. Happy blogging.

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