25 Companies That Pay Through PayPal

If you are trying for online jobs and don’t find a payment solution, then today, I am going to help you in this article. I will share a few companies that pay through PayPal. Paypal is a more natural way to send and receive payment from any company or client.

Many peoples stop their online career for this payment method solution. So this is the biggest problem now a day to receive payment for companies. But PayPal makes it more accessible nowadays.

25 Companies That Pay Through PayPal

We can send and receive money to any country with PayPal. So it becomes very easy to receive and send payment who work online.

So if you are looking for online jobs that pay through PayPal, I can help you here step by step. Those who have PayPal already can skip this step. In this step, I am going to show you how you can create a PayPal account and how to use it for receiving and sending money.

How To Create a PayPal Account

  • First, you need to go the PayPal Website
  • There you will find Signup option Click on that
  • Now put your Email Id and create Password
  • Click the Next / Continue Button
  • In this step, they will ask your Info. Fill the form with the correct details.
  • You need to add Debit card
  • If you want, you can apply for a PayPal Credit card.
  • PayPal will send confirmation mail. So in this step, you need to go to your mail and confirm the PayPal account.
  • You need to link your Bank account with PayPal to withdraw funds to your Bank account. So add your bank account carefully.

Your PayPal is ready to receive payment from any company or any client.

Why You Need a PayPal Account?

This is a good question. Actually, why we need a PayPal account? As I said before, we need a PayPal account for receiving payment from a client or any companies. But here we will know more details about the importance of the PayPal account.

There have a few benefits of using PayPal. Number one, you can get a PayPal account free of cost. There are no membership fees. For online transactions, there has many get way, like skrill, Payoneer, Netteller, etc. but those are needed membership fees. But on the other hand, PayPal has no membership fee or no annual fees.

You can use PayPal apps both on Android and IOS. So it is accessible easily. After Signup, you can download those apps from the Play Store or Apple Store. You can use it on your mobile. So it is easy to use from anywhere.

PayPal is a secure money transferring system with its debit or credit card. When you buy anything online, you need to add your card details there. And you know it’s not safe to add card details anywhere. PayPal helps you here.

You can pay money, hiding your card through PayPal. So hackers cannot get your card details. So it’s safe to use PayPal for buying anything online.

If you send money to your friend & family, there are no fees in PayPal to transfer funds. You can send money without any transfer charge if you choose the FnF option while transferring. So you can say that PayPal makes life more comfortable than other payment get way, right?

So I hope that you understand the importance of a PayPal account? I have discussed the account creation and then the importance of PayPal above. Now let see the companies that pay through PayPal.

40 Companies That Pay Through PayPal

1. Fiverr

If you are a freelancer, then you must hear about the Fiverr? This is the best and, of course, the most prominent market place where you can sell your service. The minimum gig starts from $5, and the maximum is $1500.

You can build your freelancing career with Fiverr. Many freelancer do full-time jobs in Fiverr. First, you need to develop your skills like graphic design, web development, article writing, virtual assistant, etc. then, you can start offering your service on Fiverr.

When it comes to questions of receiving payment, Fiverr support PayPal!


2. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is the most popular survey company everyone knows about it. It has over 5 million members. If you check Trust pilot Website, you will find survey junkie has 4.5 ratings out of 5. So you can trust it, without any doubt.

Survey Junkie pay to their members for completing surveys. Per the study, they generally pay $5 to %7. This website also supports Paypal.

3. InboxDollar

If you love to watch videos online, then you can make money with the inbox dollar. It pays for watching videos, playing games, and taking short surveys. InboxDollar is another website where you can earn extra cash daily.

It offers a $5 signup bonus after Email Confirmation. You can withdraw your fund through Paypal. They also support Paypal.

4. Vindale Research

There have some high paying survey platforms, and vindale research is one of them. You can make up to $50 per survey. There also have an option to get paid for reading an email. Per the email, you will get $0.50.

If you refer to some of your friends, then your income will increase more. So feel free to join on vendale research if you want to make some extra cash.

5. MyPoint

Do you have free time? If your answer is YES, then you can make some money with MyPoint too. It pays up to $2 to $7 for each short survey.

On Trustpilot, you will find this company has 3.5 out of 5. So no doubt, this platform is trusted. MyPoint has a high acceptance rate for the survey. So people can make more money with the most survey they take.

You can get paid through PayPal from this website too. So Signup and start making some extra money.

6. PineCone Research

If you want to make money by testing products, then pinecone research is the biggest platform for you. After Signup, you can start testing products. And you will get paid $7 per product test you have done.

Here you can also find a survey. You can get paid up to $5 for a short survey you take. Also, they offer Amazon Gift Card, Walmart Gift Cards, etc. So you can join today and start making money with Pinecone Research.

7. Minds Pay

Reading promotional emails and taking the short survey is a straightforward task. If you want to make money with this type of work, then join Minds Pay. Because this platform will pay $50 for a short survey and $0.50 for each email you read.

It’s another high paying website like vendale research. So you must give a try on MindsPay.

8. Swagbucks

Do you like to shop online? You can make money by shopping online, you know? Swagbucks will pay you for doing multitask like shopping online, answering surveys, playing video games or watching videos, etc.

It has over 20 million active users. And swagbucks paid over $400 million to their members. This company also pay through PayPal.

9. OpinionCity

Opinion City is one of the highest paying survey platforms in this world. How can they pay more? Opinion City contact with other survey platforms. And get the most top paying surveys from other survey companies.

So users get most paying surveys all time. You can earn up to $100 per survey, and it also pays through PayPal.

So Signup today and start making some real money from opinion city.

10. Ibotta App

You can get cashback from shopping if you use Ibotta App. This app will help you to get back some percentage of your total purchase. And you can make some money. This app also pays through PayPal. If you reach your minimum withdrawal thereshold ($20), they will pay through Paypal.

So you can joing and get a $10 bonus for sing up!

11. Ebates

Ebates is also same as Ibotta App. You can get cash back from your total purchases. Ebates is a larger platform, and you can get up to 40% cashback.

They offer $10 for a signup bonus, and if you refer your friend, then it will pay up to $15.

12. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another platfor that offers cashback for shopping. You can shop anywhere and anything. After shopping, you need to snap the receipt and upload it to the application. And then they will cashback to you.

You can withdraw your point with amazon gift cards or direct PayPal.

13. Giving Assistant

This Platform will allow you to earn money with different things like deliveries, anything or shopping on the Platform, etc. If you can refer to any friend, you also can make some extra money. And this company also send payment through PayPal.

14. LeapForce

Do you like to do web evaluation? If yes, then LeapForce is the best place for you. It provides a data entry type of work. And you also can evaluate the web through it and earn money.

LeapForce also sends payment through PayPal.

15. Babbletype

Proofreading, transcriptionists and translator, and many more work you can find in Babbletype. Its world wide program. So you can get a job from anywhere. The best part of this Platform is, they send payment weekly through PayPal.

16. Ipsos

Ipsos is another high paying survey site. You can earn up to $7 for taking a short survey.

And this survey company provides a survey every day. They have a high acceptance rate. For a 5 min survey, if you receive $7, I think this is not a bad income. Right?

Join the Ipsos survey company and start making money with a short survey. They also send payment through PayPal.

17. TaskRabbit

Taskrabbit is for skilled people. If you have skill in plumbing, carpentering, or anything, then you can join in this Platform. If you need quick money, you can choose it without any doubt—also pay through PayPal.

18. TextBroker

If you have skills in English Article writing? Then textbroker will help you to get clients with fast and affordable prices.

If you have excellent writing skills, then you can make handsome money with this Platform. Join now on this Platform if you have writing skills and start making some extra cash. Text Broker pay through PayPal.

19. Userlytics

Before launching a product, the company needs to test its product by people. And Userlytics helps here. You can earn handsome money with userlytics by doing a product test.

20. Scribie

Scribe provides a proofreading service. This Platform hires people at $0.10 per minute. Scribie also hires transcribers. You can get paid through PayPal.

21. Pitchfork

If you are a music lover and want to earn money by listening to music, then Pitchfork is the perfect place for you. This Platform will allow you to earn extra cash through listening to music online.

You have to listen to music and give then rating with the review—this company paying through PayPal.

22. Verbaliselt

Suppose you have skills like Proofreading, transcription, and translation, etc. Then you can find it in VerbaliseIt. This Platform hires many people for doing this type of job.

23. WhatUsersDo

WhatusersDo is a web testing company. It has many other tasks too for people. You can earn $8 per website test. They have some requirements. So before start testing, must read their terms and conditions.

24. Amazon Mturk

Here you can find microtask. You can earn extra cash by completing the micro task. To work with this company, you no need any particular kind of skill. If you have basic knowledge about internet surfing, then you can quickly complete that microtask. This Platform also pays through PayPal.

25. Verblio

Verbilo is well known for blogging or article writing. If you have patience, then you can start writing with Verblio.

So this was the 25 Companies That Pay Through PayPal. I hope you can start making money with these websites easily.

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