15 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

Today I’m going to talk about 15 ways you can make money while you sleep. So, in general, I try to stay away from these kinds of topics. Because I think a lot of people who are interested in these things are kind of lazy are looking for quick ways to be able to make more money.

And they end up falling for schemes and falling into traps and not ever being successful with what they want to do. You have to understand that, to be successful as an entrepreneur, you want to work hard, you have to add value, you need to create something meaningful.

And lasts now that’s your mindset and your approach; then these seven things are going to help you be able to make more money while you sleep. With that in mind, here are 11 ways you can make money while you sleep. 

15 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep

1. Create Your Blog 

Perhaps the easiest method to have passive earnings is to have a blog. It is straightforward to create a blog. It won’t take more than one hour to create a blog: you just have to buy your domain and hosting. 

After I wish, you should start creating content that appeals to the audience you’re interested in. For example, if you are an accountant who has helped businesses with taxes, then you should write about that. I have one that helps consumers and generates thousands of followers per month. 

Make sure your themes are accessible and helpful to people. I doubt many people visit your pages to monetize them. Although you never know. 

There are many ways to make money with your blog: 

  • AffiliateCommissionsAffiliate Marketing is a popular way to make money, where you can promote other people’s products. If the affiliate products are related to your blog, you can promote them. I can give you an example. If you write accounting, you can offer the services of a partner or related software. Once someone follows you, they can receive a unique affiliate code to receive exclusive material. 
  • Advertising: If you have a blog with enough traffic, advertisers will be interested in it. You can start by charging little but then increase your rates. But your blog must have quality. 
  • FindingSponsors: It ‘s not the same as selling ads space on your blog. Sponsors can have quality content with a logo. 

2. Sell Your Information

If you are an expert in this area, you can create products like eBooks and videos and sell them on YouTube, Fiverr, and there have many platforms like this. It will take time to develop these offerings and create the market, but once you do, you can collect the profits. 

3. Royalties

If you have talent in music, acting or writing, you can generate royalties for your talents. I want to say there have many people who will pay you to use your talent in their works. There are markets like Royalty Exchange, where you can offer your talent or exchange it for other creative assets. 

4. Create Your Community

Do you already have a name in your industry? If yes, then you can start a community where members receive high-quality material that is different from what you give to them who are not your member. 

A clear example is the author of Entrepreneur USA. TimothySykes, who earns more than one million per month from his community, where he explains how to participate in the Stock Market. 

5. Install An Automatic Response Service

A standard online business tool is an automated response service for selling products or services. It is about people leaving their email on your blog or website and instead of receiving a robotic email with a download link or individual information and follow-up materials. 

You will need a platform like OptinMonster or QuickSprout

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6. Renew Websites

You can build and grow web pages and then sell them to interested customers. There are specialized markets like Flippa that will help you generate perfect extra money. 

7. Physical Products Selling

If you have a popular blog, there are many ways you can have passive income selling products. A straightforward way is to market what you no longer use on eBay

There are another way of income. You can launch your eCommerce stores like Shopify and Etsy. They will help you in every step and anything you want to start selling online. 

8. Stocks or Share Market

Do you have knowledge about stocks or share market? If yes, then you can invest money in securities. This means you will receive a percentage of a company’s profits. Nowaday this is an excellent method to generate passive profits.

Remember that the type of stocks and returns that attract you may vary depending on the stage of life you are in. You can start with a very safe one like the Cetes and then participate in more sophisticated investment funds. Get advice before committing and never forget to put “all the eggs in the same basket” (diversifies). 

9. Peer-to-peer loans

Companies like Harmoney and Prestadero have created a new industry where everyone can be a lender. You can review the requests that are on these platforms and invest in them. You get desirable interest rates and have more than one active process. 

10. Rent a Property

Thanks to services like Airbnb, you can rent your house when you leave the city or another property. What’s more, you can rent your garage, parking and even office. It is a good “extra money” that requires no more effort than posting an ad. 

11. Lend Money Online

Companies like LendingClub,  Prosper,  and  Harmoney have created an industry where anyone can become a lender. They are excellent platforms to earn commissions on loans.

12. eBook Creation

According to studies, in 2018, the sale of eBooks will exceed that of paper books. If you can write down your skills, the digital format can be a great opportunity. You can begin by selling some short stories that you already have.

Still, if you are more interested in the economic aspect than the literary one, it is recommended that you investigate what the topics that sell the most and try to publish something related to them are. 

Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a work of fiction; it can be anything from non-fiction to poker. Let’s rack your brains to find a topic! Maybe you have some knowledge out there that makes you stand out from the rest.

13. Hire an Intermediary

You can hire an intermediary to carry out different tasks. For example, you can look for a job walking dogs and hire someone else to do it. So this is another way to make money while you sleep

14. Create Your App

As with the previous points, you do not need to be a professional in the field. There are many places where you can learn. If you want to create an app and if you don’t have programming knowledge, then you can hire someone expert with coding knowledge.

Another way of creating an app without any programming knowledge is https://www.appcreator24.com, where you can create your app without any programming. If you are interested in games, it is not impossible to make an application with almost no programming. 

15. Print Your Ideas

Do you have a good idea for an illustration? Maybe a funny quote? If the answer is yes, then you can earn money by printing your ideas on different garments. T-shirts, sweatshirts, kitchen towels, whatever comes to mind!

An excellent place to start can be Printful, where they make prints on almost any material. While there are other similar sites, they all work more or less the same: all you have to do is create a seller profile (if you want to sell from that same page) or a store profile (if you want to sell from your site). 

No matter which of these two options you choose, you only have to worry about the artwork design, and they will take care of the printing, storage and delivery. Every time someone chooses one of your designs, you will be left with a small percentage of the profits.

Regardless of whether they are images or quotes, cute or funny, the best thing is that your designs can be printed on a large number of different products. In this way, you can get more juice from each of your ideas.

Most of the ideas we present here are free at first, but you may have to pay some of these sites to get a higher percentage of profit on each purchase. Take the time to study each of these pages in detail. Inevitably you find one that meets all your needs.

So no more today, I have discussed and showed you the 15 Ways To Make Money While You Sleep! Take proper action, and let me know in comment if you can make passive income with it.

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