If, like me, you stay home to take care of your baby for a while, your family may find it useful to earn extra income and think about possible jobs for mothers. Not all families can live on a single salary for more adjustments they make, or the changes take away from your comfort in the day today. So today I am going to share 13 JOBS FOR PAID MOMS.


After the trance of the first months in which the baby will not leave you time for anything, you may consider working part-time for someone else or doing something at home with which you can generate a guaranteed income. What I want to talk to you about today is jobs from home that make you money and maybe the door to your future work or business.

Work for Mothers From Home

You may not be ready at the moment to start a full-fledged business with all the effort and dedication it entails, but you can spend a few hours a week doing some work for others that will bring you some money. If it’s something you like and do well, over time, it may become more than just odd jobs.


For now, start by analyzing your situation and seeing what is feasible. The most important points to keep in mind are:

  • Here your partner’s schedule plays a fundamental role so that you can complement each other.
  • What do you know about how to do well? If you like it, even better.
  • If you have to invest more than you are going to earn, better, go for a walk, go swimming or to the library in that precious time.
  • When the financial situation of the home is terrible, calculate exactly how much you need to earn a minimum per month. If you are not going to get enough with your first option, have a second and third thought.

I have many friends who told me that they had nothing exciting to offer, but at the same time, they presented jobs that they would like someone they trust to do. The problem if you don’t live in a big city or town is that you don’t find many of these services. Companies will not be interested in acquiring a premise if they are going to have little income, as is logical. That’s where small or micro-entrepreneurs like you (and like me) come in.

If you want to earn money working from home, there are a lot of things that you can surely do. But, as I say above, you have to be realistic, assess your skills, and calculate VERY WELL the time you have very well to know if it is feasible. Wanting is not enough.

When I considered making some money from home, I started by making a list of jobs I could do from home. It is a varied list in which you will surely find some idea that can help you decide what you are going to do.

Job Ideas for Paid Moms at Home

He teaches for the elderly. Many older people want to learn to read, write, write well, computers, cook healthier, paint. They have plenty of time, but they don’t feel like going to an academy with a lot of people. They prefer something more relaxed with a few students, a little rush, a lot of patience, and a few laughs (rhyme !!!). Go at your own pace.

There are many academies, but if you do not live in a city or a big town, it is difficult for parents to take them and pick them up in addition to the extra time that comes and goes for them. In academies, they are large groups, but many of these children need patience, understanding, and personalization of the activities.

If you know, think about how your ideal teacher would be at that age. Now, be that perfect teacher. The Spanish system is plating, and they will appreciate that you let them think that you respect them. He teaches specialties for adults: languages, algebra, Excel, Windows, Linux, electronics, marketing, accounting, making the income statement.

Values what is needed where you live and what you can teach. He gives practical classes: cooking, gardening in general, tree trimming, ironing, knitting, sewing. It is not very easy to find these kinds of types. But you would be surprised at the number of students who are willing to pay to learn. They usually must pay for the material with which they work.

You have to be handyman, of course, but many of us look for these elements for weddings or special events. And they are not easy to get as we want them. You can do it when it is best for you. But you must be sure when you accept the order, that will be completed by the estimated date.
Make clothing or clothing arrangements. You have to know how to sew well, logically, but, as in the previous point. You can do it at any time, and you do not have to accept all the orders. Also, you put the delivery date.

Do the laundry for other people. Or just iron. Enough I do not know that much. They give you the clothes, and you tell them when they will be ready. They pay when collecting. Your primary clients will be both working and retired men.

Prepare food on request. Your clients will ask for it for gatherings of friends or family so they will be quantities for many people. Cooked, tripe, empanadas, rice, and sweets are especially successful. You have to do it but very well. They are usually weekend commissions, so value how much you can do.

Mother of the day. Something that I knew here where it is regulated and quite widespread, although not as much as in Germany. I do not know the regulations, but it is that you take care of other children at home. The requirements (hours, number of children, rates) depend on the country.

Professional consultation. If you are a psychologist, a lawyer, an expert in finance, computer science. You can put a meeting or office in your house with a fixed schedule of a couple of hours.

Do your nails, wax, makeup. If you have the training and a suitable place at home, everything related to beauty always has clients. Make a massive poster with your schedule and start yourself by respecting it. Clients will adapt to your schedule if they like your service.

He paints pictures on request. Let the artist in you earn money for your family. Maybe it is not what you dreamed of, but for a season, you will surely be able to do it. Party decorations. Mainly for children’s birthdays. Create a decoration with newspapers, fabrics, cans, strings. Let your imagination run wild, and you will have a lot of orders. Make it clear that you do it, but you will not decorate the house. Tell them how.

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