Are you searching for late night jobs from home? It does not matter, summer or winter, late-night jobs always have huge demand. If you have kids, then these jobs are perfect for you. 


Because of busy schedules, you cannot work at day time, so it’s very flexible to work at night time when your baby will sleep! Here I am listing some late-night jobs companies that pay well.


1. Freelancer

It is one of the most important, if not the most important. He has bought many other portals to become one of the undisputed leaders. Although it is in English, Spanish jobs and candidates are also postulated.

One of its main characteristics is that you can prove your knowledge by passing various tests and, in this way, get a job more efficiently. Your number of monthly bids is limited and depends on the membership you have.

We recommend that you start with a job that is not very cheap to earn reasonable valuations and be able to choose better-paying jobs. As in all portals, the beginning is the most complicated, so do not be discouraged and persevere.

2. Workana

Entirely in Spanish, it has the advantage of language. However, the disadvantage is that since it is focused on Latin American countries, sometimes with the currency exchange, the value of jobs is negligible. However, if the language is an impediment for you, and you want to get to know how the bidding system works and become familiar with working online, it is a great option.

3. People per Hour

It is entirely in English, so you must master this language. Here you have several options, both a job-freelancer connection through bidding and the different system of fixed-price jobs that companies can hire. It is another of the high reference pages, so without hesitation, we recommend you open an account and start exploring all its possibilities.

4. Upwork

More than a billion dollars in freelance jobs a year endorse this platform. However, it does not seem the most suitable to start if you do not have any experience. The number of freelancers is limited, and it is not easy to get them to accept your profile, especially if you are not an expert in some of the areas with the most demand. However, the limited number of freelancers has its advantages, so if you want to try it, of course, we encourage you!

5. Fiverr

Here you will not find job offers, but the roles are exchanged. Now it will be you who will have to publish this work. Offer what you can do at a low price (usually starting at $ 5), and people will buy your product. Although it may seem like a meager price, the advantage is automation (you will always do the same job so you will be an expert in carrying it out) and that you can increase the price through other options or extras.

6. Malt

Formerly Hopwork and since 2017, Malt is another of the reference portals to enter the world of freelance work online. With an enjoyable interface and sound operation, it is another one of the obligatory mentions.

7. I am a Freelancer

Another fantastic option in the world is freelancing. The language will not impede this platform to become a freelancer!

8. Freelance Work

Perhaps one of the most outdated interfaces but another option for those who prefer our native language, Spanish.

9. Twago

Twago is very similar in operation to Freelancer.com. It has the already known auction system but doesn’t be afraid to compete on price, as soon as you differentiate you will be able to charge more for your work if it is of quality.

10. Guru

It is in English, but its more than 1.5 million active members more than justify its being on this list

11. Textbroker

If your thing is to write, here is your portal to get a job online! Is quality content tailor-made for individuals and companies, do you sign up?

12. Speedlancer

It works with predefined jobs like Fiverr, and as its name suggests, you have to be fast! The average delivery time is 4 hours, but that also ensures a quick payment, so it’s exciting!

Of course, and although they are not on our list, online sales websites such as eBay or Amazon are also a great option to earn income. There are people who just by working at amazon have made an excellent extra income.

I hope this article has been beneficial and that you are looking forward to starting this adventure of late-night jobs from home. See you in the next post!

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