Many people may not have the money or enough time to spend years studying a college degree, because they need to find a job soon; however, this does not necessarily imply that a well-paying job cannot be found. Today we will look at “11 high paying jobs for women“, you can access without a college degree. You can think of a startup on your own.


Maybe, instead of investing in a student loan, you would rather opt for a productive loan to open your own business. Decide on something you like and make yourself known independently. Now that you know the pros and cons take a look at some well-paying, no-paying jobs you might want to consider.

11 High Paying Jobs For Women

1. Executive Assistant

It is a profession for which a university degree is not required. Only having a solid knowledge of office automation, knowing how to operate a telephone switchboard, and office equipment, as well as writing some documents and preparing reports.

It is also important to be organized and have a good presentation. In some cases, it is helpful to know how to bill. A great help in knowing how to speak English, since the bilingual executive assistant is even better paid and there is less competition.

2. Sales Representative

If you have a talent for business and sales, being an executive or sales representative can be an area where you stand out. A sale is an area that does not require a college career, and if you do it right, they can give you an excellent level of income.

The job is usually paid with a base salary plus sales commissions. Therefore, if you decide to sell vehicles, houses, or others, the commissions received will be very good.

3. Graphic Designer

Although university studies are valuable in the area of ​​design, the practical use of the tools can be learned in a short time. Above all, if you already have a base or have already made designs before. If you have been studying it, you do not need to have completed the degree to start working in this area.

Graphic design is a very competitive area these days, but if you’re really good, it can also be very well paid. It is very heavy to put together a portfolio with samples of what you know how to do. You can look for a job as a designer in advertising agencies, printing houses, newspapers, publishing houses, among others.

You can also do the work on your own. For this, you must have a professional profile on social networks. Besides, registering on freelance platforms will be useful. The areas are very diverse, from logo design, cards, stationery or internet arts, to banner, graphic line creation, branding, editorial design, and much more. It all depends on the tools you know how to use. The more, the better.

4. News Editor for Digital Media

Currently, there are many digital media, blogs, and web portals that request staff to create web content. To work as a news editor or short story in emerging digital media, you don’t strictly need to have a career in journalism or communications. If you have ease of writing and writing, as well as excellent spelling, you can consider working on writing news or short reports on these sites.


Take a writing and style course, as well as a solid knowledge of grammar and spelling. It is also important that you know about the use of platforms such as WordPress or Joomla to place the news you make.

A plus that will give you an advantage is to take a course in SEO positioning and writing for the media so that the articles you make are more interesting and better positioned in the search engines.

5. Programmer

Although it may not seem like it, learning a programming language is something you can do on your own to work in this area. It is an interesting and in-demand job. You can learn to develop mobile applications, create websites, or other similar ones. The work is well paid, and you can do it for a company or work on your own, even from home, freelance.

Very important: Keep up to date with updates in the programming languages. Also, the less common the language you master, the better paid.

6. Photographer

For this job, you need to have professional photography equipment. That is a professional camera, some lenses, and accessories such as filters and flashes.

Besides, it is important to have knowledge of photography, which you can acquire through courses and video tutorials on sites dedicated to it, or you can search for face-to-face courses in photographic studios or suppliers of photographic accessories and accessories.

It is a job that does not require a career, and you can work for magazines, advertising agencies, newspapers, among other digital or print media. Another business niche is modeling agencies where photographers are often hired for the sessions.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of working in independent sessions or events in which they hire you directly.

Very important to obtain clients:

Promote yourself on social networks, attend events where you can make contacts (brand presentations, modeling gateways, conventions, and industrial exhibitions, among others. Also, having a portfolio of covered events, work is done, and samples of the quality of your work are essential.

7. Voice Over or Dubbing

This is a highly paid job if you have the qualities it takes to do it. Voice over is a job where you only need to have a good voice and diction. It sounds easy, and if you have a good timbre of voice, you have some advantage.

However, you may need to take a locution course to do it professionally. This type, of course, is available online or in-person at DJ schools, radio stations, and newspaper schools.

Do some research on it to acquire the necessary knowledge. Then, you can build a portfolio by placing audio clips or samples of work done on sites like Soundcloud, Youtube, or Vimeo.

If you know another language, such as English, French, German, etc., you can work making dubbing of videos, TV shows, video tutorials, among others. This type of service is even better paid than the voice-over in Spanish. So if you know another language, you might consider working on it.

Among the places where you can work are local and online radios, on television making voices and advertising jingles, in online educational publishers that offer interactive material, etc.

Also, you can search for participation in video tutorial projects or courses, company presentations and videos, audiobook narrations in publishing houses, as well as any type of induction or training material that requires voice resources.

8. Tailor/Clothing Making

An option that is very simple to implement is the repair of clothing. Even though the clothing market is large and highly competitive, many people seek the service of a good tailor or seamstress to repair or modify the clothes they buy.

On the other hand, there are always people who prefer personalized or custom-made pieces. If you know cutting and sewing, you can set up your tailoring and offer this service.

This, either repairing and making arrangements or choosing some specific type of clothing to make: male, female, child, etc. Also, you can specialize in some type of style, be it casual, ethnic style office, sports, etc.

For this type of work, you will need to contact material suppliers, and you will need to have sewing machines. Depending on the volume of orders, you will need help. You can help yourself from social networks like Instagram and Facebook to show your products and make yourself known.

If you can do so, you can set up a small boutique in your garage and later rent a small place where you have your workshop and salesroom. Another idea is to offer to be a distributor in local stores of your clothing line.

9. Beauty Professional

It is a job that can be very well priced if you know how to promote it and find a frequent clientele. For this, you must have knowledge of hair or beard cutting, colorism, straightening and ironing, makeup, among others. Another related area is acrylic nails, manicure, and pedicure.

If you know of any of these areas, you can set up a small place at home to serve your customers or even do it at home. Of course, in this work, it is important always to know new trends and keep up to date on novel techniques as well as products. On these, you can earn commissions on sales of salon or barber products.

10. Food Preparation

This is a type of job that is in demand all year round. If you have a talent for cooking, the good idea is to work on food preparation. You can open a small food store in an office area or at home (if you live in a busy area), offer banquet services for special occasions or also home delivery.

The important thing is that you offer a varied menu with ingredients that can be obtained all year round. You must calculate the cost of each plate of food so that the price is reasonable.

11. Driving Instructor

Within the line of private lessons, you also have the option of working as a driving instructor. Of course, you must have a current license, then take a training course to become an instructor and obtain a license for it.

You can apply to drive schools, but you can also teach at home on your own. If you have your vehicle, it is a way to take advantage of it, since many people who want to receive classes ask that the instructor come to look for them at a certain place and from there start the class.


As you can see, there are many important areas of opportunity where a college career is not strictly necessary. Or in any case, it is not required to start working and earning money.

These are just a few examples of well-paying jobs without a college degree. But there are many more. Do not close the door to the possibilities, research the industries and lines of business of your country and find out about access requirements and salary ranges.

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