If your dream is to become a business person, then this post is for you! 10 business ideas for women who want to have a profitable job and, at the same time, be their boss.


When we ask people what their definition of professional success is, many respond instantly: “I would love to be my boss.” And there are plenty of reasons why that desire is so common. However, when thinking about good business ideas to make a dream come true, it’s hard to know where to start.


1. Personalized T-shirts for Children

This business consists of selling children’s t-shirts, designed by themselves with positive messages about peace, the environment, equality, the family, etc. Invite the little ones to present their idea and ask them to vote for their favorite designs to determine which models you will produce. As a hook, it offers winners a percentage of that shirt’s sales and spends an amount of the proceeds to a philanthropic institution.

2. Summer Courses on Child Development

Organize workshops for children that provide more than just fun during the holidays. For example, it allows infants to come into contact with their emotions through different activities such as theater and dance, moving meditation, laugh therapy, yoga, and therapeutic dolls. With this, they will increase their creativity, autonomy, self-esteem, emotional work, and sociability to achieve full development.

3. Art Studio

Set up a studio or use some space in your own home to teach painting, sculpture, music, photography, or drawing. Your market is wide: from children and young people to older adults and other housewives like you. Depending on the discipline, ask students to bring their work material or seek partnerships with suppliers so that you can market it yourself and generate more income. Assemble groups of eight to ten people to provide a more personalized treatment.

4. Healthy Cooking and Pastries for Children

Mexico ranks first worldwide in childhood obesity. Help combat this problem with fun courses in which you teach young children how to cook with organic food and eat a balanced diet. It offers private sessions with dads and international cuisine (pizza, sushi, pasta) and dessert programs (cakes, cookies, and cupcakes). Complement your offer by selling accessories, aprons, and chef hats.

5. Holistic Beauty Services

It offers the best techniques in physical and mental relaxation. Aromatherapy, music therapy, reflexology, facials, and massage sessions are the best way for relaxation. In this way, your clients will improve their health, energy, and mood, and will reduce insomnia and tension. You can operate your business adapting to a private room in your house or take the service to people’s homes or offices for greater comfort.

6.  Landscaping

Do you like gardening, and are you creative? Take care that your catalog of plants is wide and introduce wooden elements, water, and lighting to complete the design. Besides, it offers garden maintenance with pruning, irrigation, and anti-pest treatment services. Your clients may be individuals, restaurants, and hotels.

7. Consulting in Interior Design

Transform common spaces with the help of furniture, accessories, colors, and textures, and create modern environments in homes and companies. Visit decoration stores and furniture stores to discover various styles such as contemporary, avant-garde, minimalist, for beach houses or offices. Then, interview your client and develop a sketch based on their profile, needs, tastes, and budget. Look for discounts with stores to offer a comprehensive service.

8. Marketing of Organic Cloth Diapers

The trend of organic products is taking hold in the children’s market, as more and more parents prefer that their purchases be eco-friendly. Includes wipes, reusable bags, and biodegradable toilet paper. Offer them at gift tables for christenings and baby showers.

9. Corporate Gifts

It is about offering personalized and promotional items for the home or offices, such as vases, cardholders, leather objects, etc. Create a website with the catalog of your products and load with various forms to distribute in companies and shopping centers. Includes a price list and offers wholesale discounts.

10. Natural and Aloe Vera Products

Well-being and beauty are two constantly growing lines, so undertaking them is profitable. Aloe is one of the products spoiled by consumers for the benefits it provides to the skin, the digestive system, and energy levels.

So this is the best 10 business ideas for women. If you take real action after reading this article, I hope you will become successful.

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