People who want to build up their career with blogging must want a Google Adsense account. When I started my blog I also had a dream of Google Adsense. Now I am the owner of a verified Google Adsense. Sometimes some of my friends come to me and ask me how to approve a Google Adsense? They also have a blog and try to build up their career on blogging. I will share 10 ADSENSE APPROVAL KILLER TIPS in this article.

But after hard trying they fail to approve a Google Adsense. As I have a Google Adsense, so they several times ask me to tell the secret. But honestly, there is no secret. However for those friends who have no Google Adsense and trying to get a Google Adsense, my article only for them. You don’t need any traffic status to get approval on AdSense.


First, we need to know about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the largest Ads Network in the world. They pay money for pay per click system. Its paying rates are better than any other add network company. For this, it’s so popular with all bloggers or webmasters. For this reason, everybody is running behind them. Nowadays Google Adsense has strict rules to approve Adsense. If you do any little mistakes then your Adsense will not approve. So to approve a Google Adsense need complete guidance.

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Bellow I am trying to share some tips about ” How to approve a Google Adsense”.


To approve a Google Adsense you need a privacy policy page on your blog. Maximum blogger do this mistake. They don’t add privacy policy in their blog. Some bloggers say that Privacy policy is not essential for blog but this is really wrong. A privacy policy actually describes your traffic or visitor about what they will get from your blog. And google also giving priority on this. So if you don’t have a privacy policy page in your blog then first add it before applying Adsense.


Do you have an About us page on your blog? If not then add it now. If you don’t add this page to your blog then there is a 0% chance to approve your Google Adsense. About us, the page simply describes you and your blog. This page is very important because it will help you to build up a strong relationship with your readers as well it will make them trust you.


This is also a very important page from that your readers can contact you. In my opinion, all readers of your blog have the right to speak about your content or writings. If you don’t have to contact us page then they cannot contact you and if this happens then you will lose your visitor. One the other hand if you don’t have to contact us page then Google Adsense will disapprove you. So it’s essential.


Put your Name and Email address in About Me or Contact Us pages that it can visible to all. I am telling this because it will confirm to the Adsense team that this is the same person who applying the Adsense. It will increase the possibility to approve your Adsense.


Its need. Really it’s very essential because when you apply Google Adsense then you will notice that only 18+ people can apply Adsense. So I advise you to do age verification on your blog.


This is the main factor. If your contents are not unique then you never get Adsense. So write informative and unique content for your blog. If you have informative and unique content then you no need to post over 1000 word articles, only 40/50 articles can make your life shine. You will get your dream in your hand yes Adsense will approve if you have a unique article. I am telling from my experience that if you have a 40/50 article that contains 1000+ word then you will get Adsense without any doubt.


This is the second important thing after content. Blog design will represent your experience, professionalism, and expertise too. So must be careful when you design your blog. Try to avoid the error of coding and make it a user-friendly design that your visitor doesn’t feel boring to read your content.


What kind of content you are publishing? Be careful here also, because if you post any pornographic or illegal content then you never get Adsense. Google doesn’t support this type of content. Another thing is that if you have a non-English blog then it may be a problem because the Adsense team doesn’t like to approve Adsense of a non-English blog.


It will be better if you have your own domain. If you use a subdomain like Blogspot or WordPress or Webs etc then it less your chance to approve Adsense. I suggest to buy a .com domain name and then apply Adsense.


If you have other ad networks and you place an ad on your blog then please stop those ads when you applying Adsense. Google doesn’t allow another ad network with them.

I hope you can follow those 10 tips then you must get Google Adsense.

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